Custom Blended

At The Tranquil Door, we follow the principles of Corneotherapy, this means that each facial treatment is custom blended specifically for you. With a variety of medical-grade liposome and nanoparticle formulas, together with a range of plant oils and extracts, the number of facials I can design is limitless.

Depending on your skin concern, each facial will comprise the following:

+ Cleanse

+ Enzyme treatment

+ Serum masks

+ Face, neck, shoulder and hand massage.

Treatment time: 1hr 15mins.

Cost: $90

+ Omnilux LED Light Therapy

Treatment time: 1hr 30mins.

Cost: $130

Glow 'n' Go

When time is limited and you want to recharge those skin cells and be on your way.

+ Cleanse

+ Enzyme treatment

+ Omnilux LED Light Therapy

Treatment time: 1 hour.

Cost: $90


Teen Skin Facial

Hormones in the teenage years can start to make things tricky for a young teen skin. To help things along, The Tranquil Door has created a facial protocol specificaly for teens, which is designed to reduce inflammation from breakouts and clear blockages in the skin.

This Facial treatment will help restore balance and improve the skin’s natural healing ability.

Treatment time: 30mins

Cost: $65


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